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Chee Fatt Company is a leading and established Singapore hardware store with decades of experience in the distribution and supply of a wide range of Industrial Tools and Equipment.

They are looking for a solution to transform their website that users can do seamless registration, searching, ordering and subscription. Their website was having a very limited menu and a proper search function couldn’t be easily obtained.

Chee Fatt would like to achieve the following transformation,

  • To improve the website’s user experience for existing customers and future prospects
  • To boost checkout conversion and reduce abandon rate
  • To have a friction-free checkout process
  • To have a categorization system that can accommodate more than 50,000 SKUs.
  • To ease customers in searching for the right product variant through complete product information.


CLEARgo leveraged its expertise to transform Chee Fatt's website, addressing limitations and propelling them towards improved user experience, product information accessibility, and checkout efficiency. These enhancements demonstrably led to increased customer satisfaction and conversion rates, solidifying Chee Fatt's competitive edge in the industrial hardware market.

Enhanced User Experience and Navigation

By implementing a complete UI/UX overhaul, CLEARgo facilitated a smooth and intuitive browsing experience for both existing and potential customers. A robust search function was introduced, guiding users efficiently towards their desired products and minimizing search frustration. An intuitive navigation bar was created on the homepage, encouraging deeper exploration of product categories and offerings.

Improved Product Information Accessibility

CLEARgo integrated clear and comprehensive product information, including high-quality images, detailed specifications, and valuable customer reviews. This empowers users to make informed purchasing decisions and fosters trust in the Chee Fatt brand. Incorporation of real-time stock status displayed alongside each product eliminates confusion and ensures purchase clarity.

Streamlined Checkout Process

To minimize cart abandonment and enhance conversion rates, CLEARgo implemented a friction-free checkout process. This ensures a smooth and efficient purchase journey for customers.

Scalable Product Categorization

CLEARgo established a robust product categorization system capable of accommodating Chee Fatt's extensive inventory of over 50,000 SKUs. This ensures efficient organization and product discoverability despite the vast product range.


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