Official Shopify Plus Agency Partner in APAC

The world's rapidly expanding brands trust Shopify Plus and CLEARgo to help them scale. We help you get the most out of Shopify & Shopify Plus by staying on top of its rapid innovation and leveraging our end-to-end solutions.


Our Shopify & Shopify Plus clients

Shopify & Shopify Plus Consultancy

Through rapid innovation while maintaining ease of use, Shopify Plus has become the digital commerce platform of choice for many fast growing and enterprise brands and retailers.  As an official Shopify Plus partner in the APAC region, CLEARgo helps you make the most out of the platform.


Shopify Plus UI & UX design & development

As an agency partner of Shopify Plus, we specialise in crafting bespoke, brand-focused eCommerce user-experiences using Shopify Plus. Our dedicated team of UX experts and eCommerce web developers start by understanding the brand and customer personas, crafting the user journey with wireframes and mobile-first design mockups, setting the foundation for the development of your Shopify Plus website.

Cross border commerce with Shopify Plus

Expand your brand across the globe and deliver an outstanding customer experience in any language or currency. Shopify Plus provides Internationalisation options to you such as multi-store for ultimate localisation and Shopify Markets for rapid Internationalisation with simplicity.

CLEARgo collaborates with rapidly expanding brands to boost their global e-commerce triumph. Leading brands, including Sasa, Embry Form, Aimer, trust our expertise in designing and constructing their international Shopify Plus websites.


Shopify 2.0 or Headless Commerce

Shopify 2.0 templates is more powerful and flexible than ever.  With flexible sections and app blocks, we work with you to create unique brand experience with the most powerful & easy-to-use CMS.

If you need ultimate flexibility to present your brand, we can develop your storefront using Hydrogen, Shopify's headless commerce option that allows us to build unique storefront in Remix (React-based) by connecting with Shopify using Storefront API and any other composable systems and components.

Growth & Driving Sales

Launching your commerce storefront is just the first step.  We work with you to drive customer acquisition, conversion & retention through our digital marketing services including paid advertising and search management (SEM), search engine optimisation (SEO), marketing automation, conversion optimisation, etc. 


Shopify App Development & Checkout Customisation

We offer custom Shopify App development services to fulfil your unique business requirements.  We also develop custom Shopify Checkout UI Extensions and Shopify Functions to smooth your customers' shopping journey. If your goals include improving functionality, enhancing user experience, or increasing conversions, we can create customized Shopify applications that align seamlessly with your objectives. 

Commerce orchestration with CLEARomni

Your digital commerce business is a lot more than just the storefront.  With our Shopify / Shopify Plus + CLEARomni solution, we deliver end-to-end commerce experience and operations with our multi-channel, product information management (PIM), distributed order management (OMS) & B2B2C multi-vendor marketplace capability.  Many of our clients have tapped into this combined capability to elevate their digital commerce game play.


Boosts sales with AI product consultant

CHATTERgo is a transformative AI conversational solution aimed at enhancing the shopping experience on your store. Unlike traditional e-commerce in-site search that relies on exact keyword matches, CHATTERgo leverages ChatGPT and vector-based search technologies to find most relevant product data and content. CHATTERgo can also handle both customer service related requests such as order fulfilment status, making CHATTERgo your 24/7 store concierge.

3rd parties integration

We help you grow your business by allowing you to focus on your brand. By improving backend operations, marketing, and customer experience, we can integrate Shopify Plus with your ERP, CRM, WMS, and other 3PLs to streamline back-office operations.


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