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Swire Resources is a leading sports-fashion player in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The company represents a wide range of brands, including Arena, Speedo, Columbia, Chevignon, Teva, Cath Kidston, Crocs, UGG, and Havaianas. The company is a well-known sportswear retailer in Hong Kong, primarily through its Marathon Sports, GigaSports, and Catalog retail chains.

Marathon Sports and Catalog had completely separated sites and their shared loyalty program membership can only be applied in physical stores. The customers were having poor online to offline experiences.


We migrated the two retail brand e-commerce sites – Marathon Sport and Catalog from Magento Open Source to Adobe Commerce and completely revamped them onto one single platform. Customers can simultaneously buy goods from both brands in a shared shopping cart. With integrated search, customers are directed to products on the other site if they can’t search for the product they’re looking for at one site.

Besides, the loyalty program can now extend to cover both e-commerce sites. The same loyalty account may receive points for purchases made on either e-commerce site. When customers have earned enough points, they can use them to redeem coupons at either retailer.

Migrate Marathon Sport and Catalog onto one single platform

Marathon and Catalog are the two independent retail channels managed by Swire Resources. Both channels have similar target segmentations but offer different product ranges in sportswear and membership deals. To optimize their advertising spending, we've merged these two sportswear retailers into one site using Adobe Commerce.

This strategy ensures that when one site's hot picks are out of stock, potential customers can still visit the other retailer to search for similar products, thus improving the conversion rate.


Seamless purchasing experience

By providing a unified browsing experience, members can now seamlessly purchase products on one retail site, with shared membership and checkout experiences, enhancing cross-selling opportunities.


Marketplace transformation

In addition to their existing retail operations, Marathon and Catalog have broadened their product offerings by transforming their websites into a marketplace. This transition involves using our CLEARomni Marketplace. This platform enables various sellers to list and sell their products, effectively transforming the business model from solely B2C to include B2B2C dynamics.

The inclusion of our seller center allows for the seamless onboarding of new sellers. This center aids in adding product information and managing inventory through a streamlined approval process, making it easy for sellers to join the platform and start selling their products. This expansion not only enhances the diversity of products available to customers but also provides potential growth opportunities for both Marathon and Catalog by attracting a wider range of customers and sellers.


Streamlining order management and delivery with CLEARomni OMS

Our CLEARomni OMS reduces overstock risk while expanding the product range from sellers. It automates the process of order splitting and allocation to different fulfillment workflows, making logistics cost-effective. This results in various delivery options for customers, such as in-store pickup, courier delivery, collection point, or home delivery.


Oversight of Marketplace Management

Ultimately, the platform administrator has full oversight of marketplace management. This encompasses determining commissions, establishing penalty rules for sellers like tardy delivery or refund settings, and generating a detailed settlement record for subsequent action.


“In the 9 months after website migration and revamp, online sales have been growing substantially and we saw a 50 percent growth in loyalty membership”

Kelvin So, General Manager of IT at Swire Resources


increase in loyalty membership

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