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Beauty Product・Shopify PLUS


Established in 1978, Sas
a offers diversified and quality products with the proven concept of “one-stop beauty product specialty store”. We cater to the needs of different customers with an extensive portfolio of more than 600 brands, of which over 120 are own brands and other exclusive international brands, covering skincare, fragrance, make-up, hair care and body care products, health and fitness products as well as beauty gadgets.

Embracing the new retail era, Sasa is moving in a strategic direction that integrates bricks-and-mortar stores and online business to develop a “customer-centric” new retail model and live up to our commitment of “Service from the Heart”, enabling our customers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience anytime and anywhere. 


We have migrated over from external platform and imported as unified data within Shopify PLUS store. Customers can now enjoy a different range of products within a single store with multiple complex discounts to be offered across countries and currencies with multiple languages.

Not only that, but we have also set up the loyalty program using an app on the site. When customers have earned enough points, they can use them to redeem coupons at either retailer. 

From consulting and alignment on all integration points, the order fulfillment is also operating in sync / real time between Shopify, client’s external IT services with 3rd parties which gives the customers the accuracy of their order’s tracking, etc. 

Implementation and development

Multi countries, currencies and languages 

  • Leveraging Shopify Markets for 30+ country localization, customers can enjoy and be more comfortable with the site localization that covers a wide range of translated categories, products, points, apps rendered content, etc. through the purchase process. 

My Account with membership status. Powered by loyalty app. 

  • By integrating with Loyalty Lion, customers may receive points for purchases made on site. When customers have earned enough points, they can use them to redeem coupons. 

Integrate the logistical systems into an e-commerce site. 

  • This means that orders are automatically routed to fulfillment and delivery teams, resulting in faster product delivery to customers. 

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