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Broadway had been running its eCommerce on Magento Commerce On-Premise already, but due to the way it was implemented before, the overall UX was not optimal, backend management was slow.


We provided pivotal features to Broadway that have revolutionized their customer service and efficiency. These include the estimated time delivery function, which ensures precise customer expectations, and Cross-Border Commerce, which expands their global reach. Staff Private Sales foster workforce loyalty while Tiered and Student Membership Pricing drives customer engagement. The Free Crossover Gift serves as a robust promotional strategy. CLEARgo also introduced the Vendor Product Management Workflow and Price tag printing, streamlining Broadway's product management and pricing updates, drastically enhancing operational efficiency.

Enabling multi-country stores

We began our redesign of Broadway's Hong Kong site by enabling multi-country stores, significantly easing the global shipping process and paving the way for global business expansion. Simultaneously, we integrated their ERP system into the site. This key integration allowed for the effortless display of a dynamic range of prices or discounts on their storefront, with seamless syncing of stock prices, tier prices, and bank prices from various promotions directly to Adobe Commerce, ensuring always accurate, up-to-date information.


Effortless management of promotional content

Broadway's e-commerce operations were further enhanced with the implementation of CLEARomni's promotion management feature, which empowers staff to directly apply promotional content to relevant products. This greatly simplifies the task of managing and tracking a vast array of promotional content for various home appliances and electronic devices.


Revolutionized the management of products from over 1000 vendors

Additionally, the introduction of CLEARomni Vendor Management revolutionized the handling of more than 1000 vendors' products across multiple channels. Our streamlined product approval workflow enables vendors to update their service information, resulting in significant time and resource savings for the Broadway team.


Mastering retail operations

To further support businesses like Broadway, which deals in home appliances, we introduced a custom price tag feature. This invaluable asset allows for the printing of custom price tags for each product, displaying all necessary information for each respective store display.


We also implemented an Online Merge Offline workflow. This ensures that sales can continue, even when a product is temporarily out of stock in the store. This feature allows store associates to use their staff login for e-commerce. They can place an order for a client using online stock, effectively completing the customer journey regardless of in-store stock availability.

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Unleashing collaboration for unrivaled experience

Our efforts culminated in fostering seamless collaboration between the multi-brand retailer, the merchant team, and vendors. This collaborative approach greatly enhanced the overall customer experience, providing a shopping environment that is not only efficient but also enjoyable.

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