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Indigo Living seeks to revamp their website, transitioning from a traditional furniture retail layout to a magazine-style aesthetic. The goal is to dedicate more space to sharing their brand story and showcasing products in scene settings. This transformation will be achieved through the introduction of a lookbook mode, which will allow users to browse their product range more easily. The aim is to balance a pleasing aesthetic with an improved user experience, facilitating the customers' search for desired products.


The project aims to highlight Indigo Living's brand story using taglines and videos, promote their services that extend beyond retail including interior product rental, showroom design, and interior design services, and create an immersive browsing experience using a lookbook design to simulate the experience of entering a shop.

Crafting the magazine-style "Lookbook”

The magazine-style layout we implemented is essentially a digital "lookbook". It features high-quality images of furniture set in realistic, appealing interior settings. This design creates a more immersive and interactive user experience as customers can envision how the products might look in their own homes. The products within these images are clickable, leading customers directly to the product details. This greatly enhances the shopping experience by making it easier and more enjoyable for customers to explore and purchase their desired products.

Implementation of various Shopify apps

Indigo Living wanted to improve their ecommerce operations, making things more efficient and improving the customer's experience. This included integrating tools to automate processes, improve search functionality, and increase customer engagement.

Based on their product proposition and pricing, we suggested integrating Shopify apps to help meet their market objectives. We used Parcelify, a tool that adjusts product-based rates using tags, vendors, and collections, for fairer shipping prices. 

Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 1.44.48 PM

We also introduced promotions and discounts through Discount Ninja. This allows Indigo Living to modify prices and provide discounts, boosting sales and customer satisfaction. These steps enhance the flexibility of our marketing strategy.

indigo-app-1 copy

We incorporated Algolia Search for quick and relevant search results. 


We also added Store Pickup + Delivery (CR), so customers can choose between home delivery or store pickup, enhancing the shopping experience and increasing the chances of conversions.


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