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Hysan is a leading property developer in Hong Kong, primarily operating in the Causeway Bay district with various shopping malls. To enhance the experience of the Hysan community, including shoppers, office workers, and tenants, CLEARgo introduced Hy! @ Lee Gardens. This provides shopping and event platforms that add value by promoting tenants and their products online. It also serves as a brand promotion channel for tenants, encouraging customers to visit their physical stores by offering an in-store collection option.


Our team creating a comprehensive solution that enhanced their retail experience and day-to-day operations. We developed a Shopping & Community site that bridged the gap between consumers and tenants, facilitating efficient interactions. We implemented an O2O (Online-to-Offline) solution, allowing customers to make purchases online and collect them at tenant shops or have them delivered directly. Lastly, we provided CLEARomni Seller Center & App for tenant self-management and collection, giving tenants more control and flexibility in managing their operations.

Loyalty for Lee Gardens

Hy @ Lee Gardens bridges the gap between consumers and tenants, fostering efficient interactions. When a tenant's brand is promoted on the site and attracts customers, they can enjoy various benefits and services from Lee Garden Mall. These include point redemption, which encourages the transfer of customers from online to offline, and vice versa.

The platform allows Hysan’s tenants to list their own products to sell online, and customers can collect at store, or get the orders through delivery

POWER UP annual flash sales campaign

Every year Hysan organises annual flash sales with up to 20-50% cash discount coupons of its tenants. The campaign drives significant traffic and sales during the two week period.

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B2B2C thru Adobe Commerce + CLEARomni

Hy @ Lee Gardens is an enterprise marketplace that connects with its tenants. CLEARomni Marketplace enables tenant on-boarding, product management, order fulfillment, transaction management, etc. 


CLEARomni: Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Financial Transparency

CLEARomni is a comprehensive solution that allows Hysan administrators to manage not only product information but also inventory for their sellers. This function is useful as it provides a centralized platform for all relevant product data and inventory levels.

When an order is received, CLEARomni is designed to automatically send order fulfillment information to the sellers. This process allows the sellers to promptly proceed with the delivery of the product, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction. By automating this process, it enables hands-free management of seller fulfillment which is a significant improvement in terms of operational efficiency.


Ultimately, CLEARomni does not just streamline the order and delivery process, but it also provides crucial settlement information for the administrators. This feature is particularly useful for financing purposes, as it allows for accurate tracking and management of financial transactions, providing a clear and transparent financial overview for the administrators.

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