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The Haagen-Dazs eCommerce provides luxurious ice cream products. It leverages Adobe Commerce as its platform and is integrated with systems like SAP and Dynamic 365 to streamline operations. The store offers a wide range of products, from ice cream pints to uniquely crafted ice cream cakes.


An essential part of the business model is the integration of the cake system, membership, physical & e-voucher systems. This integration is carried out to facilitate the business and ensure a smooth user experience by meshing the platform seamlessly with numerous third-party systems.

Supporting both the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) tier, this flexibility allows it to cater to the needs of individual customers as well as large corporations. The platform leverages Adobe Commerce as a platform and is integrated with CRM.

It synchronized member points and tiers from CRM into an e-commerce site. Moreover, the e-commerce store harmonizes with its cake system ensuring that successful checkout orders are dispatched straight to the kitchen for the immediate preparation of cakes.

The customer chooses a flavor and submits it to the cake system

The online shopping experience for Haagen-Dazs customers has been enhanced by offering a service that mirrors the in-store experience, including the ability to customize orders with a wide range of flavor options. When an order is placed, it's integrated seamlessly into the cake system, notifying the bakery about the day's production requirements and improving efficiency.

e-voucher system integration

The integration of the e-voucher system is another key improvement, where order information is transferred for e-voucher generation and then displayed on the e-commerce site.


Business and Bank Promotion Features

A business client promotion has been implemented, displaying special offer prices for business tiers on the online storefront, strengthening the price strategy targeted towards the business tier. Additionally, a bank promotion feature has been added to the cart page, providing customers the opportunity to select their preferred bank promotion and compare offers at a glance.

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