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e-Jacob Pharma2U, developed by Jacobson Pharma Group, is an e-ordering platform aiming to provide a comprehensive e-commerce solution. It offers a user-friendly platform for product search, order placement, and timely re-order reminders, thus optimizing the drug ordering process. It simplifies the procurement of pharmaceutical products and medical supplies.

For medical and healthcare professionals, this platform provides easy access to products, real-time interaction with the sales team, and streamlined order placement. e-Jacob embodies Jacobson's commitment to enhancing the customer experience through digital transformation, focusing on customer-centricity and digital capabilities.


Jacobson's clinic customers benefited from a powerful and streamlined E-Ordering platform that was constructed specifically for them, displaying a diverse array of products across multiple business units. Consequently, the requisition process was redefined, integrating a dynamic rewards system to foster customer loyalty and promote repeat patronage. Likewise, product discovery was revolutionized with the implementation of an advanced search feature, allowing users to input up to five ingredients for precise product identification.

Inventory management was simplified with a streamlined approach for bulk purchases, implementing a reorder list exclusively for clinics and medical merchants, proposing near-perfect substitutes based on ingredients when items are unavailable. To complement this, a reorder alert feature was added to ensure no medication is forgotten, allowing users to establish reminders and recurring alerts for products.

A comprehensive SAP system was integrated for real-time price and inventory checks, providing seamless customer and batch integration, and intelligent order splitting based on product salesperson assignment. As a result, the solution empowers salespeople across various teams by granting them the ability to manage orders for their respective customers, fortifying team empowerment and acknowledging and rewarding commissions.

B2B customer e-ordering platform

A robust and efficient E-Ordering platform explicitly designed for Jacobson's clinic customers, showcasing a wide array of products from various business units.

Streamlined requisition with the loyalty program

A streamlined requisition flow that ingeniously integrates earning and burning rewards points, fostering customer loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.

Superior Search for exact product discovery

Introduced an enhanced search feature that benefits users by allowing them to input up to five ingredients for precise product discovery.

Command your inventory with ease

We've streamlined bulk purchasing for clinics and medical merchants with a reorder list. Products land on this list once procured, allowing swift multi-item selection for checkout. If an item is unavailable, a near-identical substitute is suggested based on ingredients.

Use alerts to never miss a purchase

With our reorder alert feature, users can set reminders and recurrence alerts for products, similar to alarm clocks. A reminder email will be sent to ensure no medication is forgotten, assisting in inventory optimization.

Comprehensive SAP integration

An advanced real-time price and inventory checking system integrated throughout the purchase journey. This also includes seamless customer and batch integration, alongside intelligent order splitting based on product salesperson assignment.

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Sales team empowerment

Empowering salespeople from different teams with the ability to manage orders for their responsible items. Our platform bolsters team empowerment by acknowledging and rewarding commissions.

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